Franzese and Nordstrom partnered together in 2012. The strategy was to redefine the hot chocolate experience creating a homemade and handcrafted hot chocolate that meets the expectations of their customers. The result is a decadent world of chocolate that immediately carries you into an indulgent world of dark and creamy sensations.

Franzese and KitchenAid® partnered together in 2015 to make cooking at home magical. Franzese positioned KitchenAid to be able to increase revenue streams through consumable products that work seamlessly with their stand mixers and attachments. The result would be the expansion of their consumer base and ultimately raise the corporate enterprise value.

Franzese and Big Boy Restaurants International LLC. partnered together in 2017. Big Boy asked for the "worlds best hot chocolate" that would appeal and satisfy their demographic yet live up to their iconic legacy as an American Company. We worked to gather to create the best hot chocolate that would trump any other hot chocolate experience in its class.

Franzese and the Salvation Army of Michigan have partnered together in 2018, serving hot chocolate through the Bed and Bread program. A simple act of serving can create a world of difference in our communities and within one another. The warmth of a hot beverage creates a ripple effect on ones psyche and is sometimes the only 'warmth' that the Bed and Bread's clients receive. We are honored to help be apart of serving those less fortunate.