Actress and Yoga Enthusiast 

Michelle Dawson drinking Franzese Hot Chocolate


I enjoy a multifaceted life between my work and my hobbies. As an actress and voiceover artist, I spend a lot of time reading scripts and memorizing lines. Sipping warm Franzese beverages while I work has become a part of my process...and definitely enhances my experience. The Spiced Chia Latte has become my favorite sweet treat to accompany both reading or memorizing scripts. It’s as if reality pauses around me and I am transported to a cliff side cafe on the Italian coast sipping my Chia as I dive into the characters and their stories.
Also, I love being able to make such delicious drinks so simply at home. The powders await me in the kitchen. All I have to do is add milk and heat it up with the powder over the stove to have a gourmet Italian latte within minutes.
The frappes are another favorite of mine, especially during the warmer months. This past summer, I was obsessed with the oh-so-tasty strawberry frappe. There’s something about it that just feels like you’re taking a mini vacation whenever you drink it.

Speaking of delicious, I am obsessed with the Traditional Cocoa Mix! It’s so decadent, and sipping it that feels like I’m signally my brain and body that it’s time to relax. It’s become my favorite go-to evening treat after work or before bed. It’s also become my favorite gift to share with the chocolate lovers in my life. This holiday season, I even gifted my friends, neighbors, and special people, like my hairstylist, with a can to share coziness and cheer in this most classy and delicious way. I’m so glad that I found Franzese!