The 20 Best Hot Chocolates in the World to Order Online

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November 21, 2022)


It’s hot chocolate season! No matter how you may feel about cold weather, snow and ice, surely all of us can greet the arrival of hot chocolate season with good cheer. And if you’re ready to level up your winter beverage game, what are the best luxury hot chocolate brands in the world? Our ace correspondent has answers on where to buy the 20 best gourmet mail-order brands of luxury hot chocolate online right now. Any of these would be a perfect gift – for a loved one, or for yourself. Because these days, a delicious winter warm-up is not a luxury, dear reader  – it’s a necessity!

The best brands of luxury hot chocolate to order online right now

We’re deep into the most wonderful time of the year, and there’s only one drink we want to bring with us. For once, all of the “coffee versus tea” debates get to take a backseat and make way for the best beverage of them all: hot chocolate.

Winter isn’t the same without a mug of chocolatey deliciousness, warming our hands and our hearts.

And even if you don’t want to pop out to your favorite café, you can still take part in this time-honored tradition from the comfort of your own home. Here are twenty of our favorite hot chocolates, all available online. Order now to enjoy yours all season long.

The best gourmet brands of luxury hot chocolate: Franzese

Franzese makes the best traditional Italian hot chocolate: Italian cocoa, real vanilla, and real sugar. All you need to do is add two tablespoons of their amazing mix to the milk of your choice and whisk casually on the stovetop. In minutes, you’ll have a perfect cup of handcrafted hot chocolate. And a little tip – you can incorporate additional flavors to enhance the taste. Each tin includes ten servings, making this a great choice for the whole family.  Buy a two-pack to make sure you have enough for the whole season.

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